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The Waikato Goethe Society is a non-profit organisation passionate about German language and culture. We are inviting members and non-members to watch a series of German (English- subtitled) movies at the LIDO cinema in Hamilton every year. Thanks to sponsorship by the Goethe Institute New Zealand and with cooperation of the LIDO Cinema tickets are only $6 per person for the general public and free for Waikato Goethe Society members. Click here for Google Maps to the LIDO Cinema.

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Film Sessions 2019

Bornholmer Strasse

ScreeningSunday, 11 Aug 2019, 7 pm, LIDO Cinema Hamilton


Am Grenzübergang Bornholmer Straße beginnt die Nacht als Farce: Ein kleiner Hund rennt von West nach Ost. Ein Genosse erstattet Meldung: „Unerlaubter Grenzübergang eines Hundes!“ Der Parteisekretär erklärt den Hund zum „operativen Fahndungsfall“, dafür sei seine Abteilung zuständig. Das Tier wird buchstäblich zum running gag in dieser Geschichte – und damit gibt der Regisseur auch die Tonart der Farce vor, die der Film zwar immer wieder bricht und doch niemals gänzlich vergisst. Er erzählt von den Ereignissen der Nacht vom 9. auf den 10. November 1989 erkennbar aus heutiger Sicht; er verweist auf mögliche Abgründe und verleugnet in keinem Moment das Wissen um den glücklichen historischen Ausgang.

Language: German (with English subtitles)

Duration: 88 Minutes

Good Bye, Lenin!

ScreeningSunday, 19 May 2019, 7 pm, LIDO Cinema Hamilton


A dedicated young German boy pulls off an elaborate scheme to keep his mother in good health in this comedy drama from director Wolfgang Becker.

Suffering a heart attack and falling into a coma after seeing her son arrested during a protest, Alex’s (Daniel Brühl) socialist mother, Christiane (Katrin Sass), remains comatose through the fall of the Berlin wall and the German Democratic Republic. Knowing that the slightest shock could prove fatal upon his mother’s awakening, Alex strives to keep the fall of the GDR a secret for as long as possible. Keeping their apartment firmly rooted in the past, Alex’s scheme works for a while, but it’s not long before his mother is feeling better and ready to get up and around again.

Language: German (with English subtitles)

Duration: 118 Minutes

Rating: M

Film Sessions 2018

4 Könige – 4 Kings

Screening: Sunday, 23 Sept 2018, 7 pm, LIDO Cinema Hamilton

4-konigeTEL_0918749_S_04_XX_big4 Kings

Alex, Lara, Fedja and Timo, four very different teens, have to spend Christmas in a psychiatric clinic for adolescents. Locked up with each other, their own quirks and an unconventional psychiatrist, they experience an unforgettable Christmas full of surprises, pain, and laughs.

Christmas is coming, and all Alex (16) wants is harmony, beauty, light and hope. But it seems all her parents want to do is fight. She sees only one way out. The next day, she finds herself in the teen psychiatric emergency unit. There she meets three other young people: Lara (17), the striking daughter of an academic family who’s having acid flashbacks; shy Fedja (16), who is being bullied at school; and violent Timo (17), who has just been moved from the locked ward. Under the care of young psychiatrist Dr. Wolff, the four teens, who could hardly be more different, now have to deal with each other at Christmas, whether they want to or not. Dr. Wolff challenges them and clashes with his fellow members in the clinic
due to his unconventional methods. The four teenagers discover that even though they’re very different, they all have one thing in common: all four are hurt and out of balance. However, all four are also strong, special and smart. At the end of the time they spend together, nothing is solved but lots has changed. Some things
are broken, other things are on the mend. And none of them will ever forget this Christmas.

4 KINGS boasts a powerful cast of some of Germany’s most interesting up-and-coming acting talents: Paula Beer (François Ozon’s “Frantz”), Moritz Leu and European Shooting Stars Jella Haase (“Combat Girls”, “Suck Me Shakespeer”, “Heidi”) and Jannis Niewöhner (“Jonathan” – World Premiering in Berlin/Panorama section, “Ruby Red”, “Sapphire Blue”, “Windstorm 2”). Charming and sarcastic, with subtle and sympathetic humor, freshman director Theresa von Eltz helms this coming-of-age drama with a sure hand.
A tragicomedy that takes the worries of troubled youths seriously, letting them find new hope, friendship and community, without sentimentality.

Language: German (with English subtitles)

Duration: 98 Minutes

Rating: M

Der ganz grosse Traum – Lessons of a dream

Screening: Thursday, 31 May 2018, 6 pm, LIDO Cinema Hamilton

This is a special screening for the fundraiser for the Hamilton Boys High School class trip to Germany this year.

Tickets only on Eventfinda – Head there now to purchase!


Lessons of a Dream (German: Der ganz große Traum) is a German drama film directed by Sebastian Grobler, loosely based on the life of German football pioneer Konrad Koch in the late 19th-century. In the film, Koch is one of the first English teachers in the German Empire, in Braunschweig. He introduces his students to the new sport of football, completely unknown outside of England at the time, to get them interested in English culture and the English language. Koch’s liberal teaching methods upset his conservative colleagues, the student’s parents, and local dignitaries.

Language: German (with English subtitles)

Duration: 113 Minutes

Film Sessions 2017

Wer früher stirbt, ist länger tot

Screening: Sunday, 10 September 2017, 8 pm, LIDO Cinema Hamilton

Wer frueher stirbt ist laenger tot.jpg

Marcus H. Rosenmüller’s first feature movie deals with a boy thinking that he is responsible for his mother’s death and his unusual way to fight his feelings of guilt. 11-year-old Sebastian lives with his father and brother Franz in a Bavarian village. One day, he learns that his mother died on his birthday, which makes him believe he was to blame for her death. Dreaming of purgatory, Sebastian sees only two ways to avoid this divine punishment: becoming an immortal rock star or find a new wife for his father…

Language: German (with English subtitles)

Duration: 104 Minutes

Who am I – Kein System ist sicher

Screening: Monday, 5 June 2017, 6 pm, LIDO Cinema Hamilton

Who am I - Kein System ist sicher.jpg

Benjamin, a young German computer whiz, is invited to join a subversive hacker group that wants to be noticed on the world’s stage.

Language: German (with English subtitles)

Duration: 102 Minutes

Film Sessions 2016

Wings of Desire – Der Himmel über Berlin

Screening: 23 October 2016, 6:15pm, LIDO Cinema Hamilton

Wings of Desire.jpg
Wings of Desire

“For me, the film is like music or a landscape: It clears a space in my mind, and in that space I can consider questions.” – Roger Ebert, American film critic and historian

In this film written and directed by Wim Wenders, Bruno Ganz plays Daniel, one of two angels who watch over the citizens of Berlin, listening to their thoughts. When he falls in love with a trapeze artist (Solvieg Dommartin), he dreams of becoming human. With the help of an American actor (Peter Falk, playing himself), in Berlin to make a film about the war, Daniel achieves his desire.

Language: German (with English subtitles)

Duration: 128 Minutes

Rating: PG13


Screening: 10 July 2016, 6:15pm, LIDO Cinema Hamilton


“With easily digestible, Italianate charmer “Solino”, helmer Fatih Akin completes his move to mainstream. … The result is a slick, entertaining study of family.” – Derek Elley, Variety

In the sixties Romano Amato, his wife Rosa and their two sons Giancarlo and Gigi emigrate from Solino in Italy to Duisburg in the Ruhr area and establish the first Pizza restaurant in town. Their business emerges well and both children get used to Germany. 10 years later the brothers fall in love with the same woman…

Language: German (with English subtitles)

Duration: 124 Minutes

Rating:Unrated, PG12 (Germany), PG15 (Australia)

Alice in the Cities – Alice in den Städten

Screening: 24 April 2016, 6:15pm, LIDO Cinema Hamilton

Alice in the Cities.jpg
Alice in the Cities

Phillip (Rüdiger Vogler) is a German journalist. A girl is left in his care and they embark on a search for the child’s grandmother.

Accepted to be one of Wenders’ most poignant films and often compared to Chaplin’s The Kid, Alice in the Cities was the first of Wenders’ films to be shot partly in the US and subsequently won the 1974 German Critics Prize.

Language: German (with English subtitles) in B&W

Duration: 110 Minutes

Rating: PG

Film Sessions 2015

Award Winning Film – Hannah Arendt

Screening: 25 October 2015, 6:45pm, LIDO Cinema Hamilton

Hannah Arendt

“The best movie I have ever seen about the life and times of a writer.“ – Brandon Harris, Filmmaker magazine

A look at the life of philosopher and political theorist Hannah Arendt, who reported for The New Yorker on the war crimes trial of the Nazi Adolf Eichmann.

Language: German (with English subtitles)

Duration: 109 Minutes

Rating: M

Sound of Heimat – Deutschland singt

Screening: 5 July 2015, 6:45pm, LIDO Cinema Hamilton

Standfotos Sound of Heimat
Sound of Heimat

“Exuberant documentary.”

“Meet the young and old, traditional and modern, eccentric and ultra-serious.”

‘Sound of Heimat’ follows New Zealand saxophonist Hayden Chisholm’s journey through his adopted homeland helping Germans rediscover their musical roots.

Language: German (with English subtitles)

Duration: 93 Minutes

Rating: Exempt

4 days in May – 4 Tage im Mai

Screening: 29 March 2015,  6.45pm, LIDO Cinema Hamilton

4 Days in May

“I had almost given up on the possibility of watching an original take on the events that took place in World War II. It’s a story of honour that deserves to be told.” – Georgi Krastev,

In Achim Bon Borries’ engaging and intimate drama we are taken to Germany’s Baltic coast during the last days of World War II, where we experience a remarkable true story told through innocent eyes.

Language: German (with English subtitles)

Duration: 98 Minutes

Rating: M – Violence & Content That May Disturb